Figure 8

Non-smoking woman with adenocarcinoma of the lung, IV stage with ROS1 mutation and acquired thrombophilia

Immanuels Taivans*, Natalja Senterjakova, Viktors Kozirovskis, Gunta Strazda, Jurijs Nazarovs and Valentina Gordjusina

Published: 04 August, 2021 | Volume 5 - Issue 1 | Pages: 064-072


Figure 8:

CT scan of the lungs on 9th of November 2016. Compared with the previous examination, negative changes of the process are seen. Pathological node in the lower lobe of the left lung compared to the previous examination, has increased, its maximal diameter in the axial plane is 24 mm; in S10 paramediastinaly infiltrative focal structure with maximal diameter of 26 mm is present that infiltrates the costal pleura, there is pathological lymph node beside the infiltrative focal structure in the mediastinum, its transverse size in the axial plane is 12 mm. Lymphangitis has progressed in the upper lobe of the right lung; enlarged lymph nodes are present in the mediastinum. Small nodules are present on the right intralobar, costal and diaphragmatic pleura and similar nodules on the diaphragmatic pleura in the left side. (CT scans from Diagnostic Radiology Institute of P.Stradins CUH).

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