Digital Archiving Policy

Journal of Pulmonology and Respiratory Research is committed to protect the reliability of the scholarly manuscript in all aspects of research and publishing ethics. We judge the quantity and quality of the copied content for its relevance to the original source. We believe that Plagiarism is not only illegal but also unethical and caustic. In order to support the ethical publication initiative, the quality control team uses iThenticate software to check plagiarism in the submitted manuscripts. If plagiarism is detected at any stage of publication process before and after acceptance or during editing or proof reading stage, the authors are alerted to make the changes and cite the original source.

The following aspects are excluded at the time of conducting plagiarism check-

  • Quotes
  • Bibliography
  • Phrases
  • Mathematical Formula
  • Name of Institutions, Departments etc.

If plagiarism is detected by Quality Control Team/ Editorial Board Members/Reviewers at the time of Manuscript Submission Confirmation or in any stage of manuscript processing then the authors are alerted and asked to rewrite the content or to cite the references from where the content has been taken. In case 20% - 25% of the paper is found to be plagiarized, the article is liable to be rejected and the same is notified to the author. If such is the case then manuscript will not be given manuscript tracking ID and the same is sent back to author for revision and resubmission.

In the case of a publication being submitted that was originally published in another language, the title, date and journal of the original publication must be identified by the authors, and the copyright must be obtained. The editor may accept such a translated publication to bring it to the attention of a wider audience. In case author wants to use material from the other work then it is mandatory to cite the same in references. Otherwise the author needs to change the language completely and use his/ her own language. Plagiarism is a severe breach of commitment towards research and development and it also detracts the value of original and honest scholarly work. This is an earnest appeal that all scholars embrace fairness and responsibility in developing plagiarism-free manuscripts.

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